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Steel is versatile and sustainable packaging material that offers numerous benefits for society. Strong, formable, long-lasting and recyclable properties makes steel the sustainable choice for food, beverage, aerosol, closures and general purpose.

Applications of our products:


Consumer Packaging and Industrial Packaging

Our steel is primarily used for packaging foodstuffs and beverages, but it is also used in containers for oils, grease, paints, polishes, chemicals and many other products, such as aerosol cans, closures, and screws.  



In Electronics – Electrodes, Cable tape, Magnetic screen covers, etc.

In Engineering – Automotive oil filters, Automotive air filters, Gaskets, etc.

In construction – Gas meter Internal components, Heat exchangers, cookware, shelving, etc.



Our broad range of products serves all parts of the packaging demand. This encompasses electrolytic tinplate, electrolytic chromium coated steel (TFS), black plate and film-laminated steel.