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Steel is essential to modern society. Steel protects and provides strong frameworks for our buildings. It can be found in rails, roads, vehicles and domestic appliances. According to statistics, in 2019, 52% of steel used in the world accounts for building and infrastructure.

Electric domestic appliances and office automation equipment transformed our life and made it incredibly comfortable. Steel has been used lavishly in the production of domestic appliances, mostly because of its strength and formability. The other reason why steel is so popular in the productions of appliances is because of it is inert and is easy to clean and to sterilise. It is resistant to wear and to scratching, which gives it a longer useful life than competing materials, which, in turn, gives it a significant life cycle cost benefit. Economies forecast for the increase of demand for steel alongside with the growth of population and nations around the world seek to improve their standards of living.


Benefits of using steel in home appliances:

            ·      Versatility

            ·      Durability

            ·      Affordability

            ·      Corrosion resistance



Application of steel in home appliances:

·      Stoves

·      Refrigerators

·      Washing machines

·      Dishwashers

·      Office appliances

·      Air conditioners

·      Communication machine cabinets

·      Battery shell



Forus Group provides a wide range of steel products for domestic and office appliances such as Cold-Rolled steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, electrogalvanized steel, galvannealed  and Prepainted Steel Sheets. 


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