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Can-making Machinery

Forus Group is serving the market with first-rate automatic can-making machinery and canning machinery to assist you to grow better and faster.

We have a strong and experienced technical team who can provide credible technical support to you. We know how to listen to your needs, provide feasible solutions and accompany you throughout the entire decision-making process.


Our partners are experienced and well-known equipment manufacturers within Asia and beyond.


We also participate in Turn-key projects. The scope of our service includes but not limited to factory design, equipment supply, logistics support, master installation, training, after-sales service and spare-parts supply.



Production lines:


Can Body Making Machine

       3-piece can production line;

       2-piece can production line;

       Irregular can production line;

       DRD can production line.


End Making Machine

        Round can end production line;

        Irregular can end production line.  


Industrial Solutions

        Square Can

        Round Can

        Biscuit/Cookie Can

        Exhaust Pipe/Oil Filter

        Stainless Can


Food Canning Machine

         Automatic (semi-automatic) filler

         Automatic (semi-automatic) seamer

         Manual Seamer



Aerosol Can End Making Equipment


Twist-off Cap/PT Can Making Machinery