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Automotive and Mobility

Metals are still the main materials used in the automotive industry. Most high volume production cars are made from sheet metal. This is due to Metals being able to undergo plastic deformation. This means the metals can be made into most shapes. On average, 900kg of steel is used per vehicle.


The steel in a vehicle is distributed as follows, based on total vehicle curb mass:

·       40% is used in the body structure, panels, doors and trunk closures for high-strength and energy absorption in case of a crash.

·       23% is in the driven train, consisting of cast iron for the engine block and machinable carbon steel for the wear resistant gears.

·       12% is in the suspension, using rolled high-strength steel strip.

·       The remainder is found in the wheels, tyres, fuel tank, steering and breaking systems.


Benefits of using steel in Automotive

1.     Steel contains recycled steel and is endlessly recyclable.

2.     Steel has lower CO2 life cycle emissions than any other automotive material.

3.     Steel Enables engineering of crash-resistant structures.

4.     High-strength steels enable light but stronger vehicles.

5.     Steel is lightweight therefore fuel efficient.

6.     Steel is durable and remanufacture-friendly.

7.     Steel enables creative, flexible designs.

8.     Steel enables affordable repairs.

9.     Steel is cost efficient compared to other materials.



FORUS GROUP provides Prepurchase service


·      We provide detailed instruction data and standards of the manufacture’s automotive sheets.

·      We service our clients with instructions on correct selection of material.

·      We provide earlier involvements on automotive steel Preliminary material selection in model design, provide CAE emulation analysis, verifying accuracy of the design of and material selection for parts and presenting optimal solution.



FORUS GROUP provides On-purchase service

·      We provide order tracking information to ensure punctual goods delivery.

·      We perform sample inspection and make sure that the production is conducted in compliance with the contract.


FORUS GROUP provides After sales service

·      We provide clients with online query for certificated quality level.

·      We provide clients with advisories for various problems met during the application. of automotive sheet products and site tracking service on product application.

·      In case of claims, we handle them quickly and effectively, including site tracking and adjustment tests, provision of emergent substitute proposal against claimed material to meet clients production demands.


Forus Group provides a wide range of steel for automotive production, including hot rolled automotive steel and cold rolled automotive steel, which are widely used for the production of truck body, wheel, beam, carriage, axle, drive shaft, chassis, suspension and others.


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